Jul 09, 2023

HGTV's Stunning DIY Window Box Is Affordable And Totally Genius

Window boxes are a beautiful addition to the exterior of your home, offering an attractive spot for your favorite flowers, herbs, and other greenery that is stunning both from the view inside and from the curb. Looking for a great inexpensive DIY that will create solid and durable window boxes that you can enjoy for years to come? HGTV detailed a simple DIY project that uses ordinary PVC pipe to create attractive cylindrical boxes you can totally customize with paint and your favorite plantings (via HGTV).

Unlike other varieties of window boxes made of wood and plastic resin which can fade and decay over time due to moisture and sun, these PVC pipe containers can be painted and will last for years in some environments (extreme cold can cause cracks, so you may want to store them indoors in winter months.) They are also a great solution for upcycling unused PVC pipe from other home projects to make attractive planter boxes. Using standard window box brackets, you can attach your cylindrical planter to the side of your home securely. The effect is a modern and contemporary spin on boxier containers.

You will need a length of 6 inch by 10 foot PVC cut to a length of 33 inches. Mark out a rectangle on your pipe that is 5 inches by 24 inches, which will form your opening. Drill a hole at each corner of the opening with a ⅜ drill bit, which will make rounding the edges much easier with the saw. Then, use a jig saw to cut out the rectangle you traced and sand down the rough edges.

After cleaning the ends thoroughly with a PVC cleaner, place pipe cap fittings on each end with PVC clear cement to form a firm seal. At what will be the bottom of your container, drill four irrigation holes to allow water to drain well. Then grab a spray paint can filled with your favorite color and coat the pipe evenly. Fill your window container with soil and your beautiful flowers, greenery, or herbs. After attaching your window box brackets to the wall below your windows by drilling in the screws, simply rest the PVC pipe container in the brackets firmly.