Jun 23, 2023

RFL starts exporting pipes to the US

RFL, the country's leading business conglomerate, has started exporting PVC pipes to the US.

Recently, the first consignment of PVC pipes was sent to the US from the factory of RFL Plastics, a concern of RFL Group, located in Palash, Narsingdi, reads a press release.

Currently, RFL Pipes are being exported to six countries including India, Fiji and Brunei.

Md Jahangir Alam, executive director of RFL Plastics said: "In the past, about 90% of the total pipes used in Bangladesh were imported from different countries including China, India and Malaysia. But now, the situation has changed a lot.”

“Almost all the pipes used in the country are made by domestic producers. For this reason, our main goal now is to increase the country's export earnings through the export of large quantities of pipes, as there is a huge demand for pipes all over the world,” he added.

“The United States is the largest importer of plastic pipes. In 2021, the country imported plastic pipes worth about $3.37 billion. Therefore, we will make great strides if we capture this pipe market,” Alam further said.

He also said: “We are getting good purchase orders from the United States. One shipment has already been shipped from our factory and we will ship several shipments in the next few months. Hopefully, this trend will continue and we will be able to send different categories of pipes there.”

The group currently manufactures pipes in PVC, HDPE, PPR, cPVC and Soft PVC or Flexible PVC categories. The total pipe market in Bangladesh is about Tk6,000 crore annually. Annual growth is approximately 30%. RFL is leading the sector.